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Some women never make this internal development, as illustrated in one of the example variations, posted here.

Notice that the full potential for combined attractiveness is never reached, because the peak of internal and external attractiveness do not occur simultaneously.

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This weekend is the first anniversary of 9/11 that has occurred on the Lord’s day, Sunday.

We did not formulate our mission in a rosy world — and then get surprised and embarrassed by the reality of suffering. We formulated our mission in the real world of pain and suffering and evil and death.

We have seen even among our own people, some very peaceful, but also some very terrible deaths. None of us who has lived a few decades — for me that means almost six — has embraced this mission without trembling.

In the towers themselves it appears now that 2,595 people perished when the towers fell, including those who worked there or visited there, and those who were entering to save them. We thought that would be the calamity for this message to focus on. Who can pose the question of God’s sovereignty and Christ’s supremacy today and leave Hurricane Katrina out of account?

Flight 77 carried 64 people when it hit the Pentagon within an hour after the first attack. What happened in New Orleans and surrounding areas is different than almost anything this country has ever seen.

One of the truths of the Bible that we embrace with trembling joy is the truth of God’s supremacy in all things. When we say that, we do not mean: “except in calamities,” “except in war,” “except when Al Qaeda blows up a building or a train,” “except when cancer takes a mom or a child is born with profound disabilities.” There are no “except” clauses in our mission statement.

Twenty years ago tomorrow was his finest hour - a triple jump world record that still stands.

BEN OAKLEY analyses how he did it (launched in 2007 with a gentle styling refresh in 2011 and the Sportbrake from 2012) is beginning to show gently in places like a satellite navigation system that looks creaky and a complex touchscreen menu.

The graph is not meant to hone in on the exact age of peak attractiveness.

Don't draw conclusions based on the peak (A) occurring at 32 rather than 29 or 33.

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Furthermore, a recent study seems to back up this conclusion.